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There will be one camp that handles registration and distribution. Announcements are made annually as to the location.

Sechuns – The Band is one band with multiple bands having a section in the band. All masqueraders have access to the same amenities offered by the band, regardless of who they are playing with. We are one family on the road, so there is no separation.

Masqueraders are free to roam in any section they choose on the road. We encourage mixing and mingling. However, Masqueraders are required to “Get into their sections” when approaching judging points and crossing the stage.

Yes. Masqueraders registering for both days have the luxury of choosing a Monday wear option from the styles available.

 Yes, we do. You can deposit as low as 10% on your costume, make a $200 monthly payment then your final payment by June 15th of each calendar year.

All payments made are non-refundable.

Yes, they are. Please contact register@sechunstheband.com for assistance.

Our Entertainment line up consist of a combination of Artists, DJs and MCs.


Our focus is on delivering excellent service and a novel experience, and as history has shown, quality diminishes with size. Therefore, Sechuns – The Band is capped at 500 annually, to maintain and improve the standard and quality we offer our Masqueraders year to year.


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